Moto Technique Ferrari 388 GTBi review – Ferrari 308 restomod driven

As I settle into the heavily reclined, Daytona-style leather seat – so low it feels like it’s barely an inch above road height – the rainwater drips off my jacket collar and trickles down my neck. My trainers are already like giant, clogged sponges, and water is spraying inwards from the slender side glass that’s … Read more

Porsche 911 Sport Classic 2022 review – official restomod for the Singer generation

There are days when you feel you can’t move without the announcement of a new restomod arriving to great fanfare and claims of it being so cool it’s broken the internet (if only). It seems there’s very few cars people won’t restore to a specification combining today’s know-how with yesterday’s free thinking. Despite this, you … Read more