Lotus Carlton – history, review and specs of an icon

After the next few days, the K984 XGS will head into retirement, its active life on Vauxhall’s heritage press fleet reduced to an ambassadorial role, to be dusted off for special occasions and the odd anniversary. Yet it’s hard to see when those special occasions will materialize. With Vauxhall now part of the vast Stellantis … Read more

My Life & Cars – Gavan Kershaw, Attributes director, Lotus

Like many motoring robots, I’ve sat alongside Gavan Kershaw as he’s spirited the latest and greatest Lotus around the Hethel circuit with swift grace, and marvelled at how easy he makes going insanely fast seem. Sure, he’s equally adept at the smoky, squealy, high-drama stuff too, but it’s the unfussed way in which he achieves … Read more

2022 Lotus Emira review – strong showing for Porsche Cayman GTS rival

Just how important is the new Emira to Lotus? For the now Geely controlled firm, it marks the beginning of a new era under new owners with a very clear focus on the direction the company needs to head, while signing off from the one it has navigated with mixed success for the last 70 … Read more