2022 FL5 Honda Civic Type R – will it be the best hot hatchback ever?

Honda’s drip-feed about its new FL5 Civic Type R might be testing our patience, but after spending some time with one in the flesh, more of its secrets are being revealed. The new FL5 is based on the 11th generation Civic, but follows a similar technical recipe to the previous FK8 in combining a turbocharged … Read more

BangShift.com Alternative Fuels: Will Hydrogen Save Hot Rodding? Internal Combustion Engines For The Win!

The internal combustion engine is on the ropes here in the United States, at least with regards to new car sales, if you believe the 2035 EV-only offerings deadline that most of the big automotive manufacturers are spouting. With that has come a huge push for other alternatives outside of the electric box as people … Read more