2022 FL5 Honda Civic Type R – will it be the best hot hatchback ever?

Honda’s drip-feed about its new FL5 Civic Type R might be testing our patience, but after spending some time with one in the flesh, more of its secrets are being revealed. The new FL5 is based on the 11th generation Civic, but follows a similar technical recipe to the previous FK8 in combining a turbocharged … Read more

Peugeot 308 2022 review – does the French hatchback finally outperform the VW Golf?

Remember the medium-sized family hatchback? Once a centerpoint of the mainstream market, crossovers and the public’s general disinterest have left this once critical segment in a no man’s land between value-driven and premium. Some brands have doubled down, offering low-cost motoring for the masses that’s friendly but frill-free, while others have looked upwards in the … Read more