Mercedes-AMG A35 2022 review – has the AMG beaten the Golf R at its own game?

The Mercedes-AMG A35 is AMG’s mid-range hot hatchback, one that sits underneath the rabid A45 S, rivaling similarly powered 300bhp-ish rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf R, Audi S3 and BMW M135i. It’s been around for a while now, and while the A45 S continues to hog much of the limelight with its 415bhp power … Read more

Skoda Octavia vRS 2022 review – a more practical and more resolved Golf GTI

Skoda’s fourth-generation Octavia vRS doesn’t stray far from the tried and tested formula that’s served the Czech hot hatch and fast estate well for nearly two decades. It still sits on an extended version of the Golf’s platform, that of the new Mk8 in this instance, and borrows its engine and gearbox and much of … Read more

Peugeot 308 2022 review – does the French hatchback finally outperform the VW Golf?

Remember the medium-sized family hatchback? Once a centerpoint of the mainstream market, crossovers and the public’s general disinterest have left this once critical segment in a no man’s land between value-driven and premium. Some brands have doubled down, offering low-cost motoring for the masses that’s friendly but frill-free, while others have looked upwards in the … Read more

550bhp Golf R review – can this modified Golf take on an A45 S?

It might be time to revisit the summary of the 296bhp Mk7.5 Volkswagen Golf R published in our Knowledge section published in evo magazine each month. It currently reads ‘Outrageous but accessible performance’. Outrageous? Those words obviously predate the arrival of the 415bhp Mercedes-AMG A45 S, still the most powerful production hot hatch more than … Read more