Mercedes-AMG C43 2022 review – can AMG really rival the M340i with just four cylinders?

Run a finger down the spec sheet and you know straight away that the new Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic (saloon and estate for UK) is a step-change reboot of the model it replaces, not just benefitting from the advances introduced with the sixth generation C-class but also treated to a new downsized four-cylinder/electric turbo powertrain incorporating … Read more

Morgan Super 3 2022 review – three cylinders, three wheels and greater thrills

One of Britain’s most eccentric, endearing and just plain enjoyable vehicles has evolved into a new generation. Goodbye Morgan 3 Wheeler: long live the Morgan Super 3. It’s fitting that the new car gets a new name, because while the concept is very much the same, the execution is quite a bit different this time … Read more