Colorado Road Conditions (Safe Driving Tips)

Being a safe driver goes beyond obeying traffic rules and road signs. It also includes dealing with varying road conditions. This is especially true in Colorado, where there are 4 distinct seasons. Should your driving method be the same during summer and winter? Beyond the seasons, you need to consider other environmental factors, like driving … Read more

California Road Conditions (Safe Driving Tips)

As seasons change, your driving methods should change, too! Fatal accidents and collisions can happen if you don’t practice safe driving in different weather conditions. This is why, today, we’re going to give you some safe driving tips during common California road conditions. So let’s go! Safe Driving Tips for California Road Conditions Whether you’re … Read more

Road Safety Progress in Emerging Markets – Pakistan With Dr. Muhammad Naveed Tahir

In the latest episode of the Global Road Safety podcast, Tony Douglas and Nate Hanson speak with Dr. Muhammad Navid Tahir who is currently the assistant professor of Public Health at the University of Punjab. He was part of the team that recently drafted national road safety policy guidelines, and is committed to improving road safety in Pakistan.

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Safety Tips For Driving In Rain

Driving in rain, especially at night, can pose some serious challenges. Rain reduces the effectiveness of your headlights, causes poor visibility, and less traction. While driving a truck around the country, some of the worst accidents I saw occurred in rainy weather. Increase Your Visibility Driving in rain is unavoidable. We all have to do … Read more

What Fleet Drivers Should Do When Involved in An Accident

Being stopped by a law enforcement officer or getting involved in a traffic accident can be a stressful experience, and even more occur so if these events while you are driving as part of your job. It’s important for fleet drivers to understand the appropriate actions in these scenarios. It’s equally important for companies to … Read more