We’ve got full results from Saturday at the NHRA US Nationals below, plus video highlights! Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the videos! INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 3, 2022) – Top Fuel’s Steve Torrence put together a pair of impressive runs on Saturday, rolling to the victory at the Pep Boys NHRA … Read more

Louisiana Road Conditions (Safe Driving Tips)

Different road conditions require a change in the way we drive — whether that’s extra alertness, slower than normal speeds, or turning on headlights. Now, in Louisiana, you will face a lot of changing road conditions, from driving through the seasons to driving on rural roads. And we’re here to help you prepare for that. … Read more

Which States Allow Autonomous Driving?

The United States is quickly shaping up to be the birthplace of commercialized autonomous driving. From the DARPA Urban Challenge to AV-focused highway infrastructure plans, the American landscape is full of potential. In recent years, autonomous technology has graduated from simulated, computer-based tests, to closed-course testing, all the way to public roads. We’re entering a … Read more

Used Porsche 718 Boxster (2016 to date) review and buyer’s guide

For 25 years the Porsche Boxster has been at the head of its class, the machine by which all others are judged, and in fourth-generation 718 guise this remains the case… with one caveat. Every generation of Boxster before the 718’s debut had featured a characterful and punchy Porsche flat-six, but for the 718 Porsche … Read more

Moto Technique Ferrari 388 GTBi review – Ferrari 308 restomod driven

As I settle into the heavily reclined, Daytona-style leather seat – so low it feels like it’s barely an inch above road height – the rainwater drips off my jacket collar and trickles down my neck. My trainers are already like giant, clogged sponges, and water is spraying inwards from the slender side glass that’s … Read more

Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX 2022 review

This is the Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX. ‘Mammoth’ because, well, it’s a big hairy beast, ‘1000’ because it has 1000bhp and near-as-dammit 1000lb ft of torque, and ‘TRX’ (T-Rex, geddit?) because it’s based on Dodge’s hottest Hellcat -powered Ram TRX 1500 pickup. As an evo Reader, you’ll know the Hennessey name from more than three … Read more

Safe Driving Tips for Small Fleet Drivers in Residential Areas

In the United States, there were 1,439,900 delivery drivers as of 2020. This number is constantly growing as more small fleet drivers hit the road every day. Small fleets include package delivery, food delivery, plumbing and electrical professionals, and lawn and garden maintenance teams. As a delivery driver, there are many hazards that you must … Read more HAGAN AND B. FORCE SECURE NO. 1 POSITIONS AT LUCAS OIL NHRA NATIONALS IN BRAINERD – Full Qualifying Results

Brittany Force Top Fuel No. 1 Qualifier Monster Energy / Flav-R-Pac Chevrolet Top Fuel Dragster 3.685 seconds, 333.49 mph NOTE: Top Fuel points leader Brittany Force extended her lead when she claimed her sixth No. 1 qualifier position of the season on Saturday at the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals when her 3.685-second pass at 333.49 … Read more

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS revealed with motorsport-inspired aero and 517bhp

This is it, then, the new 992-generation 911 GT3 RS. It’s the most track-focused series-production 911 yet, the latest RS member joining a family that traces its iconic roots back to the 1973 2.7 Carrera RS to today’s brilliant GT4 RS. In this new 911 GT3 RS Porsche has pushed the limits of what it … Read more